Executive coaching & Board development

The problem:

Excellence starts at the top, but it doesn’t come from thin air. And it’s not easy.

Here are some common inquiries from executives in the non-profit world:

“I love this nonprofit, but it’s my first time as an executive director and I need some help.”
"I wish I had the time to implement the strategic plan, but I’m constantly addressing all the day-to-day stuff.” 
"I’ve been doing a pretty good job managing up, out, and down, but I’ve learned this CEO position ends up being a lonely one. I wish I had someone experienced in my position I could confide in.”

The solution:

The business sector invests in coaching to bring out the best in its executive leaders. A non-profit board determined to be the best will support its chief executive in the same way. The better the top leadership, the better chance the organization will achieve sustainable success competing with thousands of worthy non-profit missions.

Nonprofit excellence comes one leader at a time.

Mary’s coaching style is result-oriented, developmental and question-driven. She is a veteran non-profit executive trained to listen and support.


 "Mary’s  listening helped me to understand the issues and the players. She offered several ways to look at the issue and to assess these paths. Then she made a recommendation that took into account her years of experience and why she felt that was the best path. It was clear and helpful to have this guidance."    

-Sheryl, Executive Director