Fundraising & Finance consulting

Coaching, teaching, and training for nonprofits to achieve sustainable funding.

The Problem:

Money matters.

Nonprofits often hire their fundraiser and then breathe a premature sigh of relief. They assume success follows, but too often this can be a recipe for organizational disaster. Do these sound familiar?

"I wished I knew how to navigate our Board. They're great people but they assume that I'll raise all the money."
"There is tension between staff and our development department: they think we'll chase after anything to raise dollars and we are so frustrated because they don't understand funders are looking for new solutions to our clients' problems."
"Do any other development professionals feel like they were set up for failure from the time they walked in the door?"

The Solution:

Coaching the fundraising leader to achieve team success for the organization in tandem with the executive and program directors will make the difference in the long-term sustainability of the organization.

Whether in a one-person shop or overseeing a department, the development director’s role is pivotal both internally and externally. 

Mary’s career started in fund development. She has taught fundraising to individuals in academic settings, trained hundreds of urban and rural nonprofits leaders in Colorado, and established formal fund-development mentoring programs to foster best practices for small-to-mid-sized organizations.

“Mary helped me make a significant career change to nonprofit development and marketing. I was fortunate that my nonprofit saw my potential - and Mary helped me deliver on it. She guided me through the ambiguities of developing a working relationship with both my executive director and the Board. She also coached me on everything from developing fund-raising priorities to effective grant writing. She wasn’t afraid to be direct with me; however, her delivery was always caring. Working with Mary changed my life and opened up a whole new career direction for me.”
— Cindy